HTML5+CSS on Canvas 3D WebGL (TM) Library

test2 Library Method

Short Description: Show test pattern

Signature: f.test2 ()
Class: taccglFlexiBorder Class

This is a test method to illustrate working of flexiBorder. flexiBorder approximates approximates the object by splitting it into parts, vertical, horizontal or circular. Using test2 only every second part is drawn. This way it becomes visible how the spitting is done.


var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).Circle1(); a.resize(null,null,a.h,a.h).
var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).Circle1(); a.resize(null,null,a.h,a.h).
var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).RelRect1().test2().start(); RUN
var"testimg",taccgl.flexiBorder).RelRect1().circular().test2().start(); RUN

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